Reviews at Englewood Review of Books:

Journey Toward Justice: Personal Encounters in the Global South (Nicholas Wolterstorf)

Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death (Bernd Heinrich)

The Friends We Keep: Unleashing Christianity’s Compassion for Animals (Laura Hobgood-Oster)

Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology (David Abram)

Age of Empathy (Frans de Waal) and Wild Justice (Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce)

Climate Justice (Eric Posner and David Weisbach)

Ostriches, Dung Beetles, and Other Spiritual Masters (Janice McLaughlin)

Why Animal Suffering Matters (Andrew Linzey)


Other Publications:

Review of Living with Other Creatures: Green Exegesis and Theology (Richard Bauckham), Theology and Science  10 (2012): 217-219

Review of Green Witness: Ecology, Ethics and the Kingdom of God (Laura Ruth Yordy), Worldviews 13 (2009): 129-132.

“The Status of Gorillas Worldwide,” F.G.P. Patterson and M.L. Matevia, in All Apes Great and Small (Vol. 1), eds. Birute Galdikas et al. (Springer, 2007)

“Pretend Play in a Signing Gorilla,” Marilyn L. Matevia, Francine G.P. Patterson, and William A. Hillix, in Pretending and Imagination in Animals and Children, ed. Robert W. Mitchell (Cambridge University Press, 2002)


Selected Sermons/Talks (mostly PDFs):

Meditating on Prayer (3/16/14)

De-centering Prayer – GTU Commencement Address, May 2013

The Best Is Yet to Come (3/17/13)

“Waiting on the World to Change” (12/23/12)

A Creature Feature (1/2/11)


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