Golden years

Well, today’s donation choice is a no-brainer.

Earlier this year, NIH announced that over 113 chimpanzees at the New Iberia Primate Research Center would be retired from biomedical research.  It was welcome news, but the timing of the retirement was up in the air, as was the chimpanzees’ ultimate retirement destination.  In fact, only 10 of the chimpanzees were definitely headed to a sanctuary; the remaining 103 were to be transferred to the Texas Biomedical Research Institute.  That seems a dubious “retirement” for research chimpanzees.

Today came the exciting news that NIH has agreed to transfer all 113 chimpanzees to Chimp Haven, in Keithville, Louisiana.

To accommodate the retirees, Chimp Haven will have to raise $2.3 million to build additional enclosures ($5 million, if you include funding for lifetime care).  They’ve got a promise of $500,000 from The Humane Society of the United States, and another $100,000 from the New England Anti-Vivisection Society.  But that leaves $1.7 million to raise!

So Chimp Haven is the star of today’s Advent Giving Calendar.  Please join me in donating to their Road to Chimp Haven campaign.

(Update, 1/4/13: I just noticed that Chimp Haven has an Amazon Wishlist, too.  And has received only ONE six-pack of the 20 requested six-packs of sugar-free Hershey Chocolate Syrup?!  I’m taking steps to correct this travesty immediately.)


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