The advent of athleticism, and a bunch of other good stuff

Grabbed from the GOTR web site.
Grabbed from the GOTR web site.

The last few days… First I didn’t feel like posting.  Then I didn’t have time to post.  Then I was all over the board about what I wanted to post.  And in between, I had the keen desire to go for a long, head-clearing run – but that didn’t fit into the last several days, either.

However, it did help me decide what to feature today.

I suppose I should first ‘fess up.  Most of the projects/programs/groups I’m featuring in this Advent giving “calendar” (I know… it’s a bit random and unreliable for a calendar) are personal favorites – groups for which I would love to volunteer or fundraise.  That’s my rigorous selection criterion.  Yes, I’ve also been checking to make sure they don’t have embarrassing reports on charity rating sites, but I’m putting them up here because I wish I could personally give them sackfuls of money or my own time.  And today’s choice is a group I’ve wanted to volunteer-coach for, for several years.  Maybe this is finally my year?

The group is Girls on the Run.  GOTA works with girls ages 8-13 to build self-esteem, healthy habits, teamwork and social skills, and a lifelong appreciation for health and fitness, and they organize the whole program around running.  How fabulous is that?  There are 200 chapters, or “councils,” around the United States.  You can donate to the national organization, or a local council.  Bay Area readers, here’s yours.


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