Bully(sticks) for BADRAP

badrap logoI have cheered for BADRAP before.  They are one of my favorite-ever rescue/advocacy groups – rehabilitating, rehoming, and advocating for pit bulls.  This summer, I came thisclose to getting a volunteer gig with them, but I suddenly went from underemployed to over-employed, and there was no time left to commit to a regular volunteer shift at The Barn in Oakland.  I’m still hoping to work that out, but in the meantime, I can advocate for them!

So for today’s “Advent Calendar” giving suggestion, I steer you to BADRAP.  Seriously, these people do amazing work.  I hope they are writing a book about their mission and methods (do you hear me, good people of BADRAP?), because they are miracle workers.  Send money, send bullysticks (preferably all-natural and domestically sourced), send rugged toys and furnishings…  I’m betting they would welcome it all.  Check out their wish list on Amazon.  And speaking of calendars, you can order one of theirs, “Happy Endings.”

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