Hi, blog… remember me?

comeinwereopenI almost forgot my password.  That’s how long it’s been since I posted on this blog.  I’m so grateful my good friend Cristina stayed around to knock down the cobwebs and freshen things up every once in awhile, even as she gets her own blog humming along.  Thanks to her, it doesn’t look completely abandoned when new visitors drop by.  Yesterday and today, a whole flock of them came at once.  Turns out my Mark Twain posts were getting picked up in Google searches prompted by his 177th birthday.  Funnily enough, I didn’t know that until I logged in on a lark – to update links and bios, crack my knuckles, and start blogging again!  I clicked on my blog stats report, prepared to see a flat line where visitors are recorded, and was pleasantly surprised at the signs of life.

I know… You would have thought I’d have plenty to say during the last few months – Left at the Altar did start out in part as a political commentary, after all.  But my new job places some restrictions on the extent of political opining I can do in a public sphere, so I had to keep fairly quiet about the election.  Now I can safely say — whew!  And I’ll figure out ways to say more, when necessary!  But I’m also looking forward to writing more about the other stuff in my tagline: philosophy, science, theology… and of course, the occasional oud player, turkey vulture, or grandmother story.  Variety is the spice of life.

Thanks for sticking around, if you have.  And if you’re new, come back again!

(Gratuitous Mark Twain image.)
(Gratuitous Mark Twain image.)

2 thoughts on “Hi, blog… remember me?

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  1. Your job restricts what you can blog about? I thought that was illegal, to restrict someone’s free speech. I know there is currently (or was a few months ago) a guy in the military being taken to task for speaking his mind, but military law doesn’t apply to civilians. What gives? Or can you even say that in public?

  2. That’s correct, and the restrictions are not official. They are – I guess we could say – guidelines to remain mindful of, and I try to. I’ll tell you more when we finally take our bird walk! 🙂

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