Another random act of blogging

I miss my blog, I really do. We used to be so close. Now, we’re feeling a bit estranged and awkward around one another, and I try to avoid it. It wants content, and I don’t seem to have words to spare. It reminds me how, back in the day (good grief – I started this 7 years ago?! Really?) I posted several times a week – sometimes multiple times a day! Now it’s lucky to hear from me every couple of months. “You never call, you never write,” it complains to me. I try to explain: all of my words have to go into my dissertation right now – whether they belong there or not. I seem to have a limited number of words available, and the dissertation gets first dibs. (God willing, it will be more or less finished this month.)

I could do short, pithy, more frequent updates. But now that the blog has actual subscribers, I don’t want to chase them away with spammy little bloglets. That’s what Twitter is for, right?

The blog says that’s a lame excuse: subscribers can adjust their subscriptions to receive daily or weekly digests. Good point. I’ll give that some thought. Maybe the blog and I can start seeing each other again.


One thought on “Another random act of blogging

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  1. Every relationship has its time. Every relationship has its rhythm. You both need to give it time to see where it goes. If this (brilliant) post is any example, some time apart has been good for you both.

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