Everybody got their something

I’m at that stage of dissertation-writing (slightly more than halfway through, anxious and depressed about the writing pace, questioning everything about it – including why I ever entered the program, desperate for a change of scenery, etc.) where I’m beginning to fantasize about all the things I want to do when I’m finished. Most of them are impossibly expensive, impossibly impractical, and otherwise just plain impossible. But a gal can dream. Currently, the reigning fantasy is that I will go parahawking in Nepal.

Seriously, how cool is that?!?!

It keeps me going. 🙂

After a wretchedly long fight with the last chapter, I feel like my pace is picking up again.  And I feel a little less like every word that comes out of my head rips out a small clump of neurons with it, leaving fewer and fewer to generate the remaining words.  So maybe I can afford to put words here a little more often.

Meanwhile, I finally (over a year after moving the site?) started rebuilding the Left at the Altar blogroll, over there on the right sidebar.

(Update: typo fixed.)


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