I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…

…but if I did, I would resolve to blog more often next year. Yes, even though blogging is apparently no longer fashionable.

Actually, I was giving serious thought to closing this blog (again), and devoting my efforts to a more environmental ethics-specific blog I hope to kick off, and to the new GTU Ethics and Social Theory student-run blog, The Moral Mindfield. But two strange things happened over the weekend. When I floated the idea to one friend, she whined, “nooo!” I told her my reasons – wondering if it’s still relevant, feeling bad about the long stretches with no new posts – she responded, “I just like knowing it’s there.” 🙂 The next morning, on the drive to church, I was going to pose the same question to my occasional co-blogger, abc. But before I even brought it up, she told me she’s working on a new piece for the blog!

I guess, despite my best efforts, it refuses to die. So I’ll try to do better by it.

One thought on “I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…

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  1. Thank you for keeping Left at the Altar up and running. Even when there are stretches when posts are few and far between, I am in that league of LATA fans who just likes knowing it’s there. — cw

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