(Mine, all mine...)

I was checking reader stats yesterday to see how the blog is holding up under these long stretches of neglect (badly, but better than I expected), and I was surprised to see a number of visits from people doing “Mark Twain” searches on the internet.  Google was referring them to this entry from a couple of years ago, wherein I marveled over the disarray of Twain’s desk in an old photograph.  “Why the flurry of Mark Twain searches?” – thought I, for one stunningly clueless second.  Duh.  I own the book, for heaven’s sake!  That’s my prized copy right there in the photo.  In a weak moment of consumerism, I pre-ordered the book on Amazon, and then received it EARLY.  I’ve been treating myself to a few pages of it every night before bed.  At 700+ pages, this will take awhile.  When I finish my dissertation, I plan to temporarily renounce all academic reading and sink into this until it’s done.  Then I’ll pre-order Volume 2. 🙂

(FYI, the Morgan Library in NYC is exhibiting a collection of Twain’s books, manuscripts, letters, etc.  “Mark Twain: A Skeptic’s Progress” runs until January 2, 2011.  Some of the photos and pages can also be viewed online.  The Mark Twain Project at UC Berkeley has also created a digital archive of manuscripts and letters and put it online.)


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