The more things “change”…

A couple of posts ago, I half-joked that I was going to make an ironic “change we can believe in?” category for my Obama posts. Consider it made.

From the Society for Conservation Biology Policy Insider, links to a Seattle Crosscut story and an LA Times story suggesting that the Obama administration is as dismissive of conservation-related science as its predecessor. The lede from the LA Times item:

When he ran for president, Barack Obama attacked the George W. Bush administration for putting political concerns ahead of science on such issues as climate change and public health. And during his first weeks in the White House, President Obama ordered his advisors to develop rules to “guarantee scientific integrity throughout the executive branch.”

Many government scientists hailed the president’s pronouncement. But a year and a half later, no such rules have been issued. Now scientists charge that the Obama administration is not doing enough to reverse a culture that they contend allowed officials to interfere with their work and limit their ability to speak out. …

Now that we’ve also seen the National Oil Spill Commission’s report suggesting ineptitude, if not interference, in admitting (and thereby planning for) the severity of the Deepwater Horizon blow out, and the use of chemical dispersants, one wonders how serious Obama was about restoring scientific integrity in the government.


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