It needs to be said…

…and I’m glad these two (among others) said it: check out these op-eds by Mitchell Gold (co-founder of Faith in America) and Bishop Gene Robinson on the role of religion-based homophobia in creating a culture that condones bigotry and bullying.  From Robinson’s piece:

…it’s hard to deny that religious voices denouncing LGBT people contribute to the atmosphere in which violence against LGBT people and bullying of LGBT youth can flourish.


Update: I just found this on my Facebook news feed, posted by California Faith for Equality.  Newly published survey results from the Public Religion Research Institute show:

A plurality (43%) of Americans say the messages coming from places of worship are negative, and 4-in-10 Americans believe that these messages contribute “a lot” to negative perceptions of gay and lesbian people. One-third (33%) of the public also believe that messages from religious bodies are contributing “a lot” to higher rates of suicide among gay and lesbian youth, and another third (32%) say these message contribute “a little;” only 21% say they do not contribute at all.

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