More “change we can believe in”?

I’m late to comment on the National Commission on the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill report that dropped last week, but I’ll let Mother Jones do the talking for me.  They don’t pull any punches in their lede:

The Obama administration misled the public about the size of BP’s spill and misrepresented a report about how much oil remained in the Gulf following clean-up efforts, according to one of four staff reports released today by the National Oil Spill Commission, the panel convened by the President to investigate the disaster. According to the report, the White House also deliberately kept a worst-case scenario estimate under wraps, despite a federal agency’s request to make the information public.

Speaking of business as usual, Americablog shows that there IS precedent for an administration to choose NOT to defend legislation it believes is unconstitutional.  The Obama administration has been insisting that it is required to defend “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in court.  This suggests otherwise.  Conclusion?  Here’s what Pam Spaulding says:

Obama apologists, please tell me how this information doesn’t put your man in the equality doghouse? Read the full transcript first and come back and give it your best shot to explain how this President is doing his best to be a fierce advocate. He has had choices to make and he’s made them for his own political safety and to preserve political capital, not stand for civil rights for all.

I might as well just make a tongue-in-cheek “change we can believe in?” category for stuff like this.  Sad.


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