So… what’s new?

My mother had lunch with a former in-law last week, someone she hasn’t seen or spoken to in close to 20 years.   She sat down and said, “so… what’s new?”

I haven’t let things go quite that long, but I have been letting the blog lie fallow again, and mostly unintentionally.  I’m trying to write a dissertation proposal, and the household has been literally upended by the arrival – nearly 4 months ago – of a charming foster dog who has turned out to be an athletic bundle of quirks and neuroses.  We are probably a way station for him; he will do better in a home without cats (and the cats will do better, too!).  But I’m reading everything I can get my hands on about habituating hound dogs to cats (and vice versa), so if you have some recommendations, send them along or share them in the comments!

Hey!  It’s still Heart Health Month.  It’s too late to remind you to Go Red for Women (Feb. 5), but the issue doesn’t go away.  I’ve decided to put my feet where my mouth is, and am training for the American River Parkway Half Marathon and raising money for the American Heart Association with the Start!Training program.  If you’re inclined to contribute to my fundraising efforts, go here!


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