Breathing (out, in, out, in)

Big week.  Tuesday is my “oral defense” of a set of three exams I’ve written this year.  I’m terrified, and yet so tired of being anxious about it that I’d do it tomorrow if I had the option.  If I pass, I will tackle my dissertation proposal.  If I fail, I’m going to be quite bitter about the student loans I’ve taken out. :-\  In any event, I am trying – with spotty success – to visualize positive outcomes, stay calm, etc.  When I saw this image in a recent Stylus article about the calligraphy of “Ian K.,” I printed it out and posted it above my desk, where I occasionally look up and think, “oh, yeah…”

(And yes, I justed outed myself as a penophile.)


3 thoughts on “Breathing (out, in, out, in)

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  1. OK, you are well prepared; you are on top of your material; you are full of confidence; and you look like a million dollars. What else could you possibly need? Now go in there and knock the socks off that committee! We’re with you with all our hearts!!

    1. You are very, very kind. That must be how you got to be co-blogger. 😉 I am decently prepared if my brain doesn’t freeze (I’m taking along some “anti-freeze” in the form of German beer for my committee: it’s Luther’s birthday, after all); I would like to be more “full of confidence” because that might reduce the nausea. Cross fingers that we don’t need the whole 2.5 hours for which they’ve booked the exam room: I don’t think my heart can take it.

      1. The Luther birthday beer is a great idea. And I think the 2.5 hours might be consumed in some considerable measure by the members of the committee talking between/among themselves. I’ve seen that happen, to the great benefit of the central figure! Think of the Grand Inquisitor monologue….

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