I can explain…

I know I’ve neglected you, dearest blog, but I can explain.  I had two comprehensive exams this summer, and am staring down my orals, now.  November 10.  After that, I’ll take you somewhere nice, I promise.  Just us.  I’ve already got reservations: see?  No, there’s nothing there, yet.  (Well, at the moment it’s got some ancient entries that I half-successfully imported, but I’ll clean that up.)  And we’ll probably have to do some redecorating.  But it will be OURS.  Just stick with me through November 10, OK, blogheart?

Actually, I might even challenge myself to take part in National Blog Posting Month, just to get back in the posting habit.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Daily entries, just like when we first got together.  Give me another chance, bloggums.  I’ll do right by you.

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