What if…?

A guest reflection by Duff Beach.

What if it’s true that the 47 million number is inflated? What if it’s true that the current for-profit medical care system is a major driver of advances in medical care?  What if it’s true that those profits effectively subsidize single-payer systems in the West by driving medical innovation that is then passed on at a lower cost elsewhere? What if it’s true that the for-profit medical care providers won’t be able to compete with a government run system over the long term, eventually leading to a single-payer system?

It is a moral imperative to provide quality medical care for our people.
Our system of providing medical care is too expensive and getting more so every day. It seems self-evident that we, as a society, are overly medicated, and under educated about living healthy lives.

The “government option” would be very expensive at a time when our government is already vastly overextended.  A single-payer system would be even more so.  But what would the net cost be (given the lowering of medical care costs)? Are there people willing to engage in an honest debate?  What a fascinating thing that would be . . .


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