The loons are back

And by loons, I mean bat**** crazy tin-foil hat lunatic fringe right-wingers whose worldview is threatened – as always – by just and meaningful change.  I mean no offense to the lovely water birds.  I simply cannot believe that we are giving any credence and legitimation to the nutball “birthers,” but I suppose Bill Mahrer has a point:

Here it is in writing.  (Think he exaggerates?  Almost half of Virginians believe Obama was not born in the United States.)

As for the GOP-staged healthcare townhall “riots,” Bill Scher nails it.  And Pelosi.

But I’m sure the media will do its job and expose these “uprisings” for what they really are, right?  Riiight.


2 thoughts on “The loons are back

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  1. The thing that’s really annoying is how viral these crazy claims are. Sure, everyone mocks the birthers, but there are a bunch of non-crazy people out there who really think there’s mandatory death counseling in the house bill. Sigh.

  2. Yep, it’s gotten pretty ugly. It would be nice to have some civil discourse leading to good public policy, but that’s something that won’t happen when tea party media stunts get them what they want.

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