Seeing Red, pt II

OK…  They’re just killing me.  Today’s email includes an action alert from “Paper Doll Katie” of the American Heart Association.  On February 12, the HEART for Women Act (“to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases in women”) will be reintroduced to Congress.  “Paper Doll Katie” wants us to contact our representatives and urge them to co-sponsor the bill.  Here’s the end of the alert:

So be a doll and join me in telling your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the HEART for Women Act today.

And to thank you AGAIN for being the heart of our grassroots, you’ll be able to download a fabulous NEW outfit for me after you act!

Remember: Taking action for healthy hearts is always in fashion. Keep an eye out for another Heart Month action alert and downloadable outfit next week!

Red Dress Paper Doll
You’re the Cure Advocate

PS- Still need to download your Paper Doll Katie? Click here.

As we used to say when I was wee, “GAG me!”  What am I, 11?  Sad to think that the AHA undoubtedly focus-grouped this campaign and selected it over other apparently even less worthy contenders.

It’s hard to throw myself behind a campaign that annoys and embarrasses me.  Nonetheless, I urge you to write your representatives and encourage them to co-sponsor the HEART for Women Act.

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