Pinch me


The hard part about letting a blog go stale for so long is that the task of finally updating begins to feel overwhelming.  It’s like letting your filing pile up too long; you reach a tipping point (sometimes literally) where it feels like the project has grown too impossibly large to handle in a reasonable length of time.  Or like letting too many months (or years?) go by before communicating with an old friend; how on earth do you catch up?!  (Occasional contributor Cristina says she has taken advantage of my silence by listening to Shirley Bassey over and over.)

Let’s just jump in wherever we are, shall we?  We are a week into the Obama administration!  Hallelujah!  Occasional contributor Duff and I were e-mailing our mutual glee over having a president who can speak intelligent, unscripted sentences and make genuinely funny off-the-cuff jokes.  I am daily reminded of the bumpersticker I always wished I’d purchased: “Barack Obama: Bringing Complete Sentences Back to the White House.”  I was as ecstatic to see Bush helicoptered out of Washington as I was to see Obama sworn in.  Former co-blogger Anne (who I’m hoping to persuade to rejoin me for your sake) wrote that she had an “epiphany” while watching Bush leave: “What came to me, watching him, was, of course, this immense gratitude that he was leaving, and then this:  ‘He won’t be able to hurt us any more.’  I never had before put my experience of him into such words, but identifying him as an abuser just felt completely right.  Our nation is so deeply wounded, and the healing will take a very long time, but I believe it can begin now that he is gone from the scene.  Deo gratias!”  (Go ahead and click that link; it’s Olbermann’s breath-taking recap of GWB’s reign: “8 years in 8 minutes.”)

Recently I was coaxed, cajoled, teased and badgered into signing up on Facebook.  I remain somewhat perplexed by the whole phenomenon, but I have been tempted to log on every few hours and update the “what are you doing right now?” status with the same message over and over: “MizM is still wondering if this is a dream.”  Really, to think that we survived the divide-and-conquer tactics of GWB (damaged, to be sure) and then came together to elect Barack Obama to office…  it just about makes me weep.  Deo gratias, indeed!


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