A sign of things to come?

I just returned from an unplanned visit to Ohio for my grandmother’s funeral.  Gram always loved Ohio in October, and the day of her funeral was stunning: the leaves beginning to change, the skies clear and autumn blue, the weather unseasonably warm – at 86 degrees, October 9 was the hottest October 9 in Findlay since 1961.

But there was an eye-catching new element to the scenery: Obama/Biden yard signs!  I’ve told you a bit about Findlay over the years: Democratic yard signs are seen about as often as ivory-billed woodpeckers.  Mind you, McSame signs predominate in most areas, but Obama/Biden signs were on almost every block.  And they keep reappearing despite determined theft and vandalism.  Saturday’s crime docket (always entertaining to read; jacklighting is apparently epidemic) included a report of someone’s Obama/Biden yard sign having been stolen and replaced with “a large amount of feces” (of unspecified origin).  A couple weeks back (so I hear), a fellow wrote an open letter to the local newspaper-like publication, addressing “whoever” kept stealing his Obama yard signs: “they’re free!  You can get your own at the local campaign office.”  And speaking of campaign offices, look where Obama has opened them: Findlay?! Defiance?!  This was BUSH COUNTRY, baby!  I saw Obama/Biden signs on the long rural route to Springfield, where my grandmother was buried.  I even saw one large homemade Obama/Biden sign by the road in the countryside outside Bellefontaine, near Indian Lake.

I take this as a sign of things to come!  (Yard sign photo credit: my brother, in Kettering!)


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