What are the chances?

I started this post last night, around 10:30 p.m. PST.  But the allergy med was making me sleepy, so I saved it as a draft:

This thought just came to me, and I’m under the influence of Benadryl right now, so my brain is serving up thoughts more slowly than usual. That means lots of folks have had this thought already. But I’m just wondering, given things like this and this and this, what do you think are the chances Palin “voluntarily withdraws” from the ticket to “spare her family” and to “avoid being a diversion” to the McCain candidacy?

I’ve had some fun this weekend imagining McCain’s campaign manager screaming at the staff, “who let him use his cell phone?!

Well, I was right.  Lots of people were having that thought.  Huffpo’s Andy Ostroy even drafted a withdrawal statement for her.  For the PoliSci geeks among you, here’s what happened the last time a vice presidential candidate withdrew (in 1972).

McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, says this election won’t be about the issues; it’ll be about personalities.  I guess they’re counting pretty heavily on that!

More later.  I’m working up a rant on another matter, but I need to finish a book review tonight.


One thought on “What are the chances?

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  1. A friend here close to party politics is convinced that the Palin pick was always intended to end with withdrawl, the main thrust being to divert the news cycle from Obama’s big showing at the DNC. It had that effect (intended or not), but I withdrawl does McCain a lot of harm.

    We shall see . . .

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