Where was Dobson’s rain?

Tough night for James Dobson. Not only did God fail to deluge Invesco Field* for Obama’s acceptance speech (84,000 in attendance), it was the most watched convention speech ever! (No word, yet, from Dobson crony John Hagee, on whether God sent Tropical Storm Gustav to shake up the Republicans’ convention.)

Lots of things to celebrate about this week: Obama made a fabulous VP pick, Hillary Clinton showed some genuine class in her fine speech, Bill Clinton reminded us why we used to like him – before he was possessed by whatever bitter, conniving, scheming, dastardly, Anger Management flunkee force took him over on the campaign trail. What a great line… “People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power.” But wow, how about John Kerry’s incredible speech, from which Obama’s pathetic ad writers could take a few pointers!

I have known and been friends with John McCain for almost 22 years, but every day now I learn something new about Candidate McCain. To those who still believe in the myth of a maverick instead of the reality of a politician, I say let’s compare Senator McCain to Candidate McCain.

Candidate McCain now supports the very wartime tax cuts that Senator McCain once called irresponsible. Candidate McCain criticizes Senator McCain’s own climate change bill. Candidate McCain says he would vote against the immigration bill that Senator McCain wrote.

Are you kidding me, folks?

Talk about being for it before you’re against it!

Let me tell you, before he ever debates Barack Obama, John McCain should finish the debate with himself.

And what’s more, Senator McCain, who once railed against the smears of Karl Rove when he was the target has morphed into Candidate McCain, who is using the same Rove tactics, the same Rove staff, the same old politics of fear and smear.

Well, not this year; not this time. The Rove-McCain tactics are old and outworn, and America will reject them in 2008.

So remember, when we choose a commander-in-chief this November, we are electing judgment and character, not years in the Senate or on this Earth. Time and again, Barack Obama has seen farther and listened harder and listened better and thought harder. And time and again, Barack Obama has proven right.

John McCain stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier just three months after 9/11 and he proclaimed, next stop — Baghdad. The judgment immediately from Barack Obama was to see an occupation of undetermined length, undermined consequences, undetermined cost that, in his words, would only fan the flames of the Middle East.

Well, guess what? Mission accomplished. (One transcript here.)

As for McCain’s VP pick, I think I join much of the country when I say… huh?!

Update: “stole the spotlight” from Obama’s speech? “Electrified Republicans“? Is this writer reading the same stuff I’m reading, or is she reading the latest RNC canned copy memo?

Update to the update: Wow… the electorate sure does sound “electrified!” Good thing Biden didn’t electrify them this much.

Update II: “crony” typo above, fixed.

*Hat tip to CW for reminding me of this gem.


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