“McCain rules out military action against Russia”

Well, I think this is a very sensible position to take… SINCE HE’S NOT THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OR ANYTHING!!!

My God…  is he on steroids, off Geodon, or what?

The frightening spectacle has rendered me speechless.  So allow me to pull some helpful quotes from Josh Marshall, who is usually a fairly measured and even-handed writer even when his opinions are strong:

McCain is uncomfortable not being in the Cold War. He feels out of his element and he wants to go back.”

Do whatever you can to make sure John McCain is not elected president. Too many opportunities for crazy mischief to let him get his hands on the military and the bomb.”

This is one dangerous guy …

This man is simply too dangerous and unstable to be president. People need to wake up and get a look of the preview he’s giving us of a McCain presidency.”

Yes, I think that pretty well sums it up.

I’ve been trying to stay somewhat above the campaign fray, because it can get so maddening and nauseating.  But since the McCain campaign has rolled out this terrifying new Cold War  G.I. Joe model, “John McCain, Unmedicated,” I feel I must jump in.

Please share these videos widely.  First up: a public service video created by some guy who should be doing Obama’s ads instead of whoever Obama’s got.  I can’t get it to embed properly, so go here. (Hat tip: Americablog).  Seriously, it is worth your while.

Second, another public service video, this one by Brave New Films:

  (Hat tip: MR; thanks!)

Watch carefully, and forward “liberally.”

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