Something to aspire to

Al Gore at his desk
Al Gore at his desk

I wish I could remember which blog I was reading when I first saw this photo. I tried to retrace my steps, to give a proper hat tip, but ended up doing a Google image search on “Al Gore’s desk” and found the original Time magazine link. We can look at this in two equally self-gratifying ways: “Wow, at least my desk isn’t that bad!” or “Hey! I’m halfway to Al Gore!” But I’m looking at the surface of my desk and realizing that nothing on it has anything to do with anything I’m working on at the moment. I’ve got a small space cleared for writing, and the rest of the surfaces are covered with objects that should be somewhere else: dead batteries, dead watch, old cell phones, an empty air-duster can, a package of fly trap attractant (for the fly trap outside by the compost bin), unfiled article reprints, 7 or 8 books I’m not reading at the moment…

Meanwhile, everything I actually need and am using — books and notes for my upcoming comprehensive exam, a sermon and a book review I’m writing — are all piled on the floor around me. Because there’s no room on the desk.

Look at Mark Twain’s desk (from Time’s recent feature about him):

I was thinking of making one of these two photos my monitor’s wallpaper, but I’d never be able to find my shortcuts.


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