Getting back on track

I know, I know…  It’s been nearly a month since I updated this thing.  But the semester is over, my program coursework is officially DONE, and I just might get my blogging muscles moving again!

Amazing how much happens when you don’t update a blog for a few weeks.  California’s Supreme Court upheld gay marriages (and licenses were granted starting yesterday; click those links to see all the great photos and profiles of happy people), Hillary Clinton finally “suspended” her valiant effort to destroy the Democratic party, Tim Russert passed away (you’ll probably be able to find some gripes about him in the LATA archives, but it was clear that he loved politics, loved his job, and would have loved watching this historical election unfold)…

And there’s this breaking snooze news!  Al Gore pointedly failed to endorse John McCain yesterday!

Seriously, what the…?  I suppose he did find himself in an awkward position; perhaps it would have looked ungrateful or disloyal to endorse Obama instead of HC.  But it would also have meant something.  At this point, what IS the point?

By the way, I was in Ohio last week when Obama clinched the nomination.  I had decided it would be best for my health to not read paper formerly known as The Republican Courier (now just “The Courier”).  But I couldn’t resist looking at the editorial page after the HC farewell speech.  It was strikingly subdued – although they couldn’t resist invoking Jeremiah Wright’s name (yawn).  All they could muster up was a bleat about how the country must not be as racist as JW says.

A tornado passed the city to the north, but apparently didn’t touch down.  I took what I thought was a dramatic photo of the system as it advanced toward us (a little fuzzy; it was quite windy and starting to rain):


But then I saw this in the NY Times:








Someone actually stood still long enough to take that picture.  Amazing.

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