Hillary plots her revenge

For a fleeting moment last week, I thought I detected her tone softening – as if perhaps she was paving the way for a more graceful exit.  But no.  After sweeping the “hard-working… white American” voters of WV last week and KY yesterday, she found a new low road to travel: comparing the DNC punishment of the Florida and Michigan primaries (and Sen. Obama’s agreement with those rules – rules she once agreed to, also) to the GOP’s theft of the 2000 election.  How does that work?  Florida and Michigan broke primary rules and forfeited their delegates.  HRC had no problem with those rules until it became clear that she desperately needed the delegates.  Now, FL and MI aren’t being punished for breaking the rules, they’re being “disenfranchised.”  And her efforts to have them seated, well, those efforts are just as brave as the efforts of the suffragists and abolitionists!

But wait!  There’s more!

“If we fail to do so, I worry that we will pay not only a moral cost, but a political cost as well,” she said. “We know the road to a Democratic White House runs right through Florida and Michigan. If we care about winning those states in November, we need to count your votes now. If Democrats send a message that we don’t fully value your votes, we know Sen. McCain and the Republicans will be more than happy to have them. The Republicans will make a simple and compelling argument: why should Florida and Michigan voters trust the Democratic Party to look out for you when they won’t even listen to you.”

As “Desperado” observes, that sounds rather like she’s telling her supporters to vote for John McCain if she loses this fight, doesn’t it?

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