Hillary Rove Clinton

Two months ago, I said I “kind of like” Hillary Clinton. Most definitely not as a presidential candidate, as I think made clear, but as a public figure. I even said that she seemed to hold public service in high regard.

Well, let me rephrase that. HRC holds HRC in high regard, so much so that she would apparently prefer to see John McCain elected if she is not the Democratic nominee this fall. She is so eager to cripple Obama that she has repeatedly touted McCain’s leadership and experience (and drastically overstated her own) over Obama’s. She declared that both she and McCain have both passed some as-yet-unspecified Commander-in-Chief test, leaving that poor green Obama at the kids’ table. Then her campaign opened and dealt a crisp new deck of race cards: while HRC was campaigning for McSame, her staff was caught red-handed running a web site video of Barack Obama, edited to make the bridge of is nose wider and his skin darker… making him, you know, “blacker.” Just in case people weren’t aware that he’s black. (Then they lied about it.) Meanwhile, HRC went on 60 Minutes and did her level best to not quite kill off the “Obama is Muslim” rumors being circulated by her high profile surrogates and a viral email campaign. And Geraldine Ferraro went on every program that would take her to charge that Obama would not have gotten this far if he weren’t black, and that she wouldn’t be taking so much flak for speaking truth to power if she weren’t white.

And somewhere in the past two weeks, my grudging respect and modest admiration for HRC turned to disappointment and disgust. Either she is a spineless, valueless figurehead allowing vicious campaign managers to position her as a race-baiting megalomaniac, or she’s a race-baiting megalomaniac. (Or, equally plausibly, she’s a Republican.)  Keith Olbermann seems a bit disappointed, too (I tried to embed that video, but it’s not working; so click that link and watch it on Americablog; it’s so worth it.)


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  1. This is news to me, but not surprising. Billary started making clear in South Carolina (I think it was) that they would use race to try to bring Obama down. Like so many politicians, winning and power are the prime objectives, not actually using that power to good effect. (Nancy Pelosi comes to mind, but that’s another story….)

    I’m pretty cynical about politics and politicians these days. But, I read parts of Obama’s speech on race the other day and OH-MY-ATHEIST-GAWD but he was on-point and eloquent. I don’t recall ever hearing a politician speak up and say what needed to be said like that. Whatever desperate measures Billary comes up with Obama is able to acknowledge and use it effectively to his advantage. (Cristina’s Tai-Chi post said it well.) Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a candidate who can think and lead? He’s neither old-school military junkie pushing outdated policies (McCain, in case it’s not clear) nor ego-inflated old-school political hack (Billary, ditto). I think the U.S. has an opportunity to rebuild respect after King George has done so much damage. I hope we don’t blow it.

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