Time to call off the Big Dog?

I’ve already admitted that I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary.  If she becomes the Democratic nominee in the general election, I will vote for her – because even a war-hawky, centrist Clinton is better than a Romney, a Guiliani, or a Huckabee.  Might not be a whole lot different than a McCain, but I’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.

As for the former president and Attack Dog in Chief, I’m reminded of Molly Ivins’ Rx for Camille Paglia: “Get this (man) a Valium!  Hand (him) a gin.  Try meditation.  (Bill), honey, calm down!”  Maybe Bush has a little something to help Bill take the edge off (what, I can’t look at “The Globe” in the Safeway checkout line?).  Cuz this is just not pretty, it’s becoming THE whole story, and it looks like it’s starting to backfire.  Of course, it does turn our attention from the shady stuff going on behind the scenes.

One thought on “Time to call off the Big Dog?

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  1. Clinton vs. McCain starts to look likely, troubling, and puzzling, all at the same time.

    Obama is the obvious choice to me, but apparently not to many, many others in the Democratic party.

    On the other hand, any of those three are far better than Romney or Huckabee.

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