On second thought…

thinking_chimp1.jpeg…maybe it’s not “that time” after all. I’ve been missing posting on “Left at the Altar” lo these 16 months. After nearly a year of abstinence, I tried getting another, slightly different kind of blog going (Mental Map, which will soon be a dead link), but we just never really clicked. I’ve pulled some of those posts over to a separate page on this site, just in case there were some useful links. But I think “Left at the Altar” and I are ready to reconcile. There will undoubtedly be some dry spells — I’m co-teaching a course this spring and that will be my primary focus. But there’s just too much happening in the world, and too much work to do, to leave any medium unexploited.

Welcome! … or welcome back!

(I have no idea where this image comes from, but if it belongs to someone, I’ll take it down.  Unless they let me use it! )


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