Of Dwarf Planets and other downsizeable objects

Pluto has been demoted from a full-sized planet to a “dwarf planet,” and Neptune could be next! What is this universe coming to?!

The difference in Pluto’s stature was immediately apparent. Here is Pluto and its “moon” when Pluto was still a planet:

And here is Pluto and its “moon” since Pluto was demoted:

Pluto’s fans and supporters are taking it pretty hard.

But observers in other disciplines have been inspired to re-examine their own sacred cows and classification schemes. Reasonality proposes the Dwarf Presidency, for example. (MizM disclaimer: Mr. Reasonality is a friend and former colleague; welcome to the blogosphere “Cal”!)


One thought on “Of Dwarf Planets and other downsizeable objects

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  1. While the ones who downsized Pluto were busy with their measurements, did they once think of the implications of their decision on mythology? Pluto rules the underworld. And Neptune rules the sea. These demotions could mean Big Trouble from Big Names in the Mythological Hall of Fame. — cw

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