Shirley learns to type

Like clockwork, Shirley arrives at around 10:30 p.m. each night to leap up into my lap and rest some part of her body on the keyboard tray. Tonight, she decided she’s been watching long enough and was ready to give it a try.

“What do these do?”

“Left paw, A-S-D-F… Right paw, J-K-L — is that a bug?!”

“I’m trying to work, here.”

I’m taking notes from Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning, entering them into a nifty citation manager called, fittingly, Citation. You can read Shirley’s contribution on the last line.

“That was exhausting.”


One thought on “Shirley learns to type

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  1. Let’s see…If a million cats type for a million years, one of them will eventually type the Bible. Or something like that. Great pics. Taking time to watch your cat is in the same category as taking time to smell the roses. So, enjoy.

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