Backyard blogging

Two weekends ago I sat on the sunny back porch, ostensibly to study. I was armed with my trusty Kodak Z-740, in case anything cool happened on the feeders — but of course, I was supposed to be reading and not watching. I’ve tried this ruse several weekends in a row, and finally had to admit to myself that it’s not working. I don’t read; I watch stuff. So for the rest of the month, I am locking myself indoors on weekends, as much as it pains me. These are my “parting shots” from that last hurrah.

First, a relatively new customer – a house sparrow.

One of the regulars, a finch – looking a little disgruntled about the empty thistle feeder (which is also blowing from side to side).

A tiger swallowtail dining on bouganvilla.

The same swallowtail, taken from about 1-1/2 feet away and with telephoto – on a different part of the bush.

This last one I took this morning – from the kitchen window, looking down into the yard, THROUGH glass, a screen, and framed by safety bars! So, apologies for the lack of crystal-clarity. But, talk about making yourself at home! I made this feeder from a jug, after my better half expressed concern that I might possibly be getting a little carried away on feeder-purchases. I inserted a long perch, but the finches climb right inside and chow down!(All photos by MizM.)


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