Jesus Christ, [Baseball] Superstar?

It’s just a guess, but I’m thinking that readers of this blog might not also be avid sports fans. I can’t help it, it’s apparently in my blood, so I peruse the sports page of the newspaper with as much interest (and often despair) as I read the front sections.

One of the most provocative voices writing on sports today is the incomparable Dave Zirin, author of What’s My Name, Fool?: Sports and Resistance in the United States. Zirin is that rarest of folks: a true progressive (socialist, actually) possessing an hilarious wit that cuts through so much of the fluff and boosterism passing for sports fandom these days. His most recent essay in The Nation especially caught my eye because it combines two of my favorite topics: baseball and religion (misuse of). Read and chuckle and weep, all at the same time….


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