What’s going on around here?

So here’s the scoop. I (MizM) am now in my final semester of a masters program (environmental ethics), taking four classes and finishing a thesis. I will be starting the doctoral program in the fall, so my MA thesis must be completed and defended by the end of this semester. Although it will be a very hard habit to break, I cannot afford to spend the usual amount of time I spend scanning the news and the blogs for good stuff to share with you here. My intrepid co-blogger, abc also has her hands full this spring, as she is using her “retirement” to do some very important advocacy and organizing work.

For those reasons, we have decided to put the blog under light sedation for the coming four months. We will inevitably, knowing the two of us, be compelled to wake it up and post something* from time to time, but not with the “regularity” (stop laughing!) we’ve attempted thus far.

So I’ve added a little reminder message on the title bar, to reduce the frustration of clicking on your bookmark and finding the same dang page you saw last time. I’ve also added a funny little orange button on the sidebar, next to the Sitemeter counter. Those of you who use homepage services of various kinds (My Yahoo, My AOL, personalized Google, etc.), or who subscribe to aggregators like Bloglines, can use that button to “subscribe” to Left At The Altar and automatically receive new postings if and when they happen.

Bear with us, and please don’t drift away forever!

(*Update: This story, for instance, begs posting. A VA nurse investigated for sedition because she wrote an editorial criticizing the administration?!)

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  1. You go grrrrrrl! (Well, grrrrrls!) Sometimes other things take priority, so I, for one, understand. I look forward to your returns.

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