In which MizM sasses a perfect stranger and feels pretty good about it

You know, I missed this January 2001 issue of Weakly World News (which I found here) and it really explains a lot. I mean, according to this, the aliens took the spines in January 2001, and that’s about when Congressional Democrats started behaving as if they had their innards sucked out and replaced with silicon wafers.

I had the most satisfying conversation last night. A DNC representative called to tell me, breathlessly, that we need to make a “concerted effort” to “take back Congress” this year. I told him I agreed, and to that end I would be making contributions to individual Congressional candidates around the country this year. I said I was frustrated with the DNC and the DLC and felt that my hard-earned and limited money would be put to better use this way. He said again that it was essential we do everything we can… (I interrupted and told him I was and this was one way I was doing so)… but we need to make a “concerted effort”… I interrupted again and told him I agreed, but that I didn’t think the DNC was capable of it. He sputtered with a combination of mockery and indignation, “well, please, by all means, tell me what we’re doing wrong!” I said I wish I knew, but that we were losing elections and losing our democracy and I didn’t think the answer was to act even more like Republicans. He sputtered again, “what do you think we should do differently?!” (This was said in a slightly snide and rhetorical tone; he was not really inviting an answer.) I said again, “start acting like Democrats! I’m not going to send money to a party apparatus that does not represent me.” He said, in a tone implying that my comments were bordering on traitorous, “are you actually a registered Democrat?” “I most certainly am.” “Certainly you understand the stakes…” At this point I reiterated my strategy for this year and said, “now, I don’t want to hang up on you, but I’m going to have to if you can’t take no for an answer.” He couldn’t of course, so I thanked him and hung up.

I really feel like this is the only way I can contribute to the Democratic “effort” in good conscience this year. This blog won’t have time to research individual candidates and post recommendations — the bigger blogs can do that. You can also go to Act Blue to make contributions this way. I’ll add a link to the sidebar, as well.

Oh, and read Welcome to Weenie World. It’s so sadly, painfully true.


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  1. Ok, you and I will start papering BART one of these days . . .

    (1) National Security Matters: focus on Al Queda, extricate ourselves from the mess that is, was, and will always be Iraq (BTW, Iraq never had anything to do with Al Queda, and EVEN IF THEY DID HAVE WMD IT WAS THE WRONG THING TO DO!!!!!). Invest in alternative energy — invite the world to join in it.

    (2) It’s the economy, stupid. Invest in the economy, including sustainable alternative energy, job training (and re-training), education, universal health care, and flexible benefits packages.

    (3) The Republicans are the ones fighting a class war, continually taking benefits away from everyday Americans, including SOCIAL SECURITY (!!!!!) and MEDICARE (!!!!!). A simple, progressive tax code makes sense; the wealthy benefit more, and should pay more than the middle class and poor. This is a basic concept that people understand when it is presented to them.

    (4) Values: support for families of all kinds, support for health care, support for family leave, support for job training and re-training, and support for education reinforces family values. Also, financial support for low income families is critical. Parents need to parent their children, but if they are both absent due to money pressure or other reasons, society loses. Hollow slogans meant to placate a minority of the population do not. HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE (at least not one I want in my family).

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