It’s National Gorilla Suit Day

No, really. And I have one! But I can’t find a picture of me in it, and I’m suffering a sinus infection that makes the mere thought of pulling a gorilla mask over my head bring tears to my eyes. I’ve never had a sinus infection like this before. I look almost exactly like this…

Neanderthal. Except that my upper lip is swollen and my lower is not. I have a couple good hours every six or so, when the ibuprofen is working and my face stops throbbing. So now is my chance to tell you that you don’t have to watch the State of the Union address tonight. You can watch this instead. James Adomian is the impersonator, and he is perfect. He’s got all the Bush twitches and wierd enunciations down so well, he’s probably going to need some kind of therapy to become a normal human being again. And the text is every bit as enlightening as the load of hooey you’re going to hear tonight. (The video loads a bit slowly, even on “high speed internet,” so watch it through a second time if you need to- after it has loaded- to get the full, fluent effect.)

But if you’d rather curl up with some good reading, try this Newsweek story about hard-core conservatives deep within the administration (is there any other kind there?) who actually tried to stop the presidential power grab, and how they paid for it.


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