Odds and ends

I’m starting to accumulate links again. In no particular order:

  • See this revolting story about the US military harrassment of an Iraqi journalist. The military claims they were looking for an insurgent. Coincidentally, Fadhil was investigating misuse of Iraq reconstruction funds for a British news agency. (A real shocker: his videotapes have not been returned.) Do we call this a pattern, yet?
  • Delay gives up his quest, but don’t think Blunt or Boehner will be any different.
  • Funny!
  • Right after Christmas, I read that Signatures – Jack Abramoff’s wheeler/dealer restaurant – wants to change its name, and that they are taking suggestions. I thought I offered a pretty darn good one: I suggested “Bread and Water.”
  • Forget the desperate RNC talking points. Forget even the polls. This is a Republican scandal (via Buzzflash). Follow the money.
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