Maybe 2006 is my year to get Tivo…

churchsign Originally uploaded by mizm_sf.

…because it’s going to be a very good year to watch C-SPAN!

  • Sister Joan and her friends wonder, where’s Monica when you need her? Of course, Sister Joan has too much class to link to the photo (above) that sped around the internet in emails recently, but I don’t!
  • ReddHedd at Firedoglake:

    We have a President, not a King — no one should be allowed to act above the law. Period. Especially not a man who was elected to serve the people. Such a man should be held to a higher standard, because public service ought to be a noble calling — the Constitution must be upheld in our own nation, or we have already lost whatever battles we claim to be fighting in the name of freedom and liberty elsewhere.

    For every step we take away from the notions of liberty on which this nation was founded, Osama Bin Laden laughs a little louder. By turning away from liberty, we are becoming that which we fight against, something that we managed to avoid even at the height of the Cold War. That is cowardly and wrong, and America is a better nation than that.

    Read the whole post.

  • Our hard workin’ president is taking a shorter vacation than usual, so he can come back to DC and continue fabricating his legacy.
  • Oh, this is rich. Joseph Loconte (of the conservative Heritage Foundation – founded, as Talk2Action points out, to advance the agenda of the religious right) warns against the excesses of the religious left. Just read it while I try to collect my thoughts; or maybe abc will collect hers first.

    Happy New Year, folks!

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