Impeachment, Anyone?

The NY Times, without mentioning the I-word, lays out the case in good “gray lady” fashion. Of course the decision-makers should be taken to task for sitting on the story for all these months. Having been married once to a reporter, I’m guessing that the ones who got the story were beside themselves about the (albeit temporary) spiking. That aside, this all has a real Watergate feel to it. If you like the idea of a Bush impeachment (and hey, let’s throw in Cheney too for good measure), and your member of Congress sits on the House Judiciary Committee, make some noise. Yeah, yeah — I know that committee chair Jim Sensenbrenner will convene impeachment hearings in the year hell freezes over. Still, make some noise; that’s how representative government is supposed to work. Also, and better yet, work like hell to get a Democratic Congress elected in 2006. Then, when Bush and Cheney are both thrown out and the next in line is sworn in as chief executive, we’ll have President Nancy Pelosi (who’ll be moving from her new post as Speaker of the House) — way better than Geena Davis. Cool, huh? Sounds like a dream, but it could happen if anybody cares enough to make it so.


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