My Biblical World View

Over at Street Prophets they’ve been having a good time with the Biblical World View test, so I decided to see how I stacked up. Turns out I’m in the barest minority of the current standings – a Socialist Worldview Thinker (although that puts my Biblical world view, or lack thereof, slightly above Communist/Marxist world view thinkers). If you have some time to kill (it took me much less than the 25 minutes they recommend), or a task to put off, this is your chance to see if you’re a closet Dominionist.

This test is not meant to frustrate you, but rather to challenge and be a tool to show where your worldview is strong and where it needs improvement. Do not get frustrated, it is only a test. The good news is you can always improve. We all have room for improvement. In the next few weeks, we will post the biblical response to every question at the end of the test next to your score. Again, our goal is to encourage you and challenge you, not to frustrate or discourage. This test is a free service we offer for educational and research purposes.

Some of the questions are so patently absurd I ended up talking to my computer.

One thought on “My Biblical World View

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  1. I win! I’m a Communist/ Marxist/ Socialist/ Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker. This puts me in the top 3.3% of males my age and the top 6.5% of everyone who has taken the test. Cool!

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