Reasons to celebrate

HOORAY! “GOP Moderates” (so hard to get one’s head around that, anymore, but apparently they exist) forced ANWR drilling off the House budget measure! I wonder if Tuesday’s electoral disasters sobered them up?

For those readers still unable to distinguish between the 2 bloggers now contributing this site, ‘abc’ is the one who can be counted on for thoughtful, instructive posts like this one and this one. ‘Mizm’ (that’s me) is the one who is increasingly unable to put a full sentence together, and must rely on snarky bullet lists, like the one I’m posting now…

So, about those Tuesday electoral disasters…

  • All of California’s statewide propositions, including and especially those championed by Arnold, were defeated
  • The pro-ID Dover (PA) School Board was swept out (also here)
  • Red Virginia went blue
  • Blue New Jersey stayed that way
  • St. Paul replaced its Bush-loving Democratic mayor with a different Democratic mayor
  • and Americans are showing signs of awakening from their long sleep
  • all of which gives me a measure of hope for midterm elections
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