Middle class relative to what?

I clicked on the link for this interview because the teaser mentioned Jon Katz and dogs, and I like both subjects. Yes, I was a little startled to see that the interviewer was Tucker Carlson – a man I really can’t bear – but I soldiered on. And good ol’ Tucker didn’t disappoint:

CARLSON: I think most Americans like middle class people hate telling the housekeeper what to do, right, I mean, famously? I think a lot of Americans feel bad about training a dog or being too harsh with the dog. It seems so old-fashioned and kind of mean.

Setting aside the silver-tongued syntax for now, I’m just curious: how many middle class families do you know that have a housekeeper?

One thought on “Middle class relative to what?

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  1. M2–
    Can’t speak for other parts of the country, but here in the Bay Area, it’s not unusual for people to have a housekeeper. With two professional incomes and not a lot of time, people often consider a housekeeper a necessity. I’ve considered it, but still think my money is better spent elsewhere for now.

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