A few other things…

… and then I really must hit the books.

  • John at Americablog highlights the shamefully under-publicized fact that US soldiers and their families are still having to buy the body armor that the government should provide them – and are not being reimbursed for their costs. And he has a really good suggestion for getting hapless Democratic “leaders” on top of this.
  • David Sirota shows just how much “cleaner” DeLay’s temporary placement is (is there anyone in Republican leadership who is not corrupt?!).
  • Cronyism “surged” by 15 percent in the Bush administration, after actually falling during the Clinton years. (Of course the headline misleadingly implies that Clinton’s cronyism was high, and Bush’s even higher, but the story proves otherwise.)
  • The GAO found that the Bushies’ fake news stories amount to “covert propaganda” and violated the law. Shocking, I know. But see this fabulous ad for a perfectly rational explanation.
  • One wonders if the administration would have “condemned” Bill Bennett’s absurd remarks if Katrina hadn’t just revealed – to disasterous effect – the full extent of their disregard for the poor and the not white? After all, this is more their style.
  • And why, oh, why, did Judith Miller march stoically off to jail this summer if her source actually gave her a waiver of confidentiality a year ago?
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