"Intelligent Design" back in court

Last spring when Kansas was holding its bizarre “evolution” show trial, I promised that I would hunt down a favorite old cartoon and share it with you. I finally found my well-worn paper copy (by Chip Bok, posted above), and then found the linkable version here.

Now “I.D.” is back in court, this time in Dover, PA where teachers and parents are actually challenging the constitutionality of the school board’s decision to require the inclusion of Intelligent Design in the biology curriculum. You can find regular updates here.

There’s a refreshingly not-bad summary of current evolution research and how it supports evolution theory in the Washington Post. It’s actually worth the annoying (free) registration. (See this Chris Mooney article from CJR for evidence of how rare good evolution coverage really is.)

And before* it slips into their pricey archives section, see this New York Times story on how science museums are preparing docents to deal with roving bands of Creationists. (*Update: Dangit. It’s already there.)


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