Potty humor

I first saw this picture at the Left Coaster, in a slightly tacky and puerile but kinda funny set of “re-captioned” photos from Bush’s apparently (from the look on his face in a couple of those) unbearable day at the UN this week. But I actually thought somebody had “photoshopped” the script on the note Bush is writing: “I think I may need a bathroom break?” Turns out, the photo is legitimate and untampered-with. It’s also raising a bit of – you’ll pardon the pun? – a stink! (After you’ve snickered at Left Coaster’s reimaginings, just look at the series of photos. Is there any circumstance under which this president can momentarily suppress his obvious boredom and disdain for everyone around him?)

Thankfully, I was on BART while Bush was talking this evening, apparently reiterating his Tuesday claim of “responsibility” for the tragic aftermath of Katrina. I’m with Norman Solomon on this count: “It was a classic hollow statement, meant to sound important and meaningless at the same time.” In any case, Think Progress suggests that as long as Bush is “in the mood for taking responsibility,” he should address these issues as well.


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