A Field Guide to "Left At The Altar"

A little administrative business.

First, after the recent acne product ad disguised as a comment, I think I will indeed fire up Blogger’s new spam-comment blocker. You’ll notice it next time you try to comment.

Second, remember there are now two bloggers at Left At The Altar. After a couple of puzzled email inquiries from friends wondering how I managed to retire at age 42, I feel I should point this out. You can see who posted what on the “posted by” line at the end of each post. Blogger abc recently celebrated her retirement. Blogger MizM (that’s me, the originator) (is that a word?) is a second-go-round graduate student who, by the time she finishes a doctorate in environmental ethics, will not be able to retire before she’s 150. At the earliest.

But that’s OK, because this White House will have left a lot of work for me.


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