Moving toward nonviolence

One of the things I was reminded of at the conference on spiritual activism (see previous post on that subject) is how extremely daunting it is on a personal level to contemplate a life committed to nonviolence. At our Pax Christi meetings, we read the pledge of nonviolence at the end of the evening, and right at the top the pledge refers to the violence in our own hearts. No kidding! So it is good to be with others who are struggling to follow the way of nonviolence, and that was a great benefit of the conference. Michael Nagler, peace scholar and activist, said that he thinks if we can stop the neocons on the issue of Iraq, it can be a decisive blow. I am challenged by that thought to keep opposing the occupation — and this testimony from a returning soldier confirms me further on that way. Call me crazy, but Zechariah is more “pro-life” than lots of other people who talk that talk. Read and weep….


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