Sunday Cat(s) Blogging

More substantive stuff to follow. It’s time for a little cat blogging. That the three in this picture were holding still this long and this close together is worth photodocumenting. They are the newcomers to the family, adopted last Monday from Cats Are Truly Special. From top to bottom: Shirley, Jack and Riley (aka Chaos, Bedlam, and Entropy; don’t let this picture of tranquility fool you). In May our 13-year-old dog Bear died, and in June, our 19-year-old cat Web. 12-year old Baxter and 10-year old Cosmo (the only family member to have escaped this blog so far; we’ll have to remedy that) have been so depressed and out of sorts (we also had to leave our home of 10 years in June) that we thought a little youthful energy might cheer them. We weren’t thinking of THREE KITTENS, but that’s who we met and how they came. And not even 7 days after the introduction, everyone is getting along splendidly.

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  1. Of course you didn’t adopt just one kitty! Well, congratulations on the new additions to the family. I hope that Cosmo and Baxter feel that they are welcome as well and that everyone is one big happy familia.
    Sending all of you my love,

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