Will there be books in it?

I’m having a very hard time getting my head around the concept of a Bush Library.


2 thoughts on “Will there be books in it?

Add yours

  1. Your title is too cynical. Of course there will be a book in the library: My Pet Goat. The rest of the library will be more of a museum. Here are my picks for what the library / museum will contain:
    1. A wax figure of Karl Rove, to be replaced by the real thing (appropriately stuffed with his own hot air) when Karl kicks the bucket.
    2. Videos of Bush’s finest moments, including those action packed minutes in a Florida classroom after being told of the plane crashes at the World Trade Center.
    3. Copies of the Kyoto Protocol and other international treaties that Bush has kept us out of.
    4. The last piece of ice from the artic, kept in a freezer made by the (Chinese-owned) Maytag corporation.
    5. His flight suit and the “Mission Accomplished” banner from his skylark to the USS Abraham Lincoln.
    6. Copies of his meeting doodlepads, er, Presidential Notes.

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