Paul Krugman reads the Toledo Blade, too

Krugman on Coingate:

The Toledo Blade’s reports on Coingate – the unfolding tale of how Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation misused funds – deserve much more national attention than they have received so far. For one thing, it’s an entertaining story that seems to get weirder by the week. More important, it’s an object lesson in what happens when you have one-party rule untrammeled by any quaint notions of independent oversight.

Read the whole column. And speaking of Coingate… Call me a cynic, but isn’t it convenient that a fellow who is under investigation in the the rapidly growing Ohio Coingate scandal returned from vacation to find that his home had been burglarized and all his expensive, confiscatible collectibles are gone!


One thought on “Paul Krugman reads the Toledo Blade, too

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  1. This is such an awful story. I think the only thing that could improve upon it would be if those ‘burglarized’ coins were found at the local RNC headquarters.

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